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Heavy lift

Heavy Lift Handling Services by KZNStevedores & Warehousing South Africa
We handle and store heavy lift units with a max. weight of 1800 tons with own heavy lift cranes, floating cranes or the ship’s cranes.

Project cargo

Project Cargo Handling Services by RHB Stevedoring & Warehousing Rotterdam
RHB is specialised in the handling and storage of project cargoes like: transformers, turbines, windmill equipment like towers, nacelles, blades and tunnel boring machines

general cargo handling non ferrous metals rhb rotterdam

Breakbulk – General cargo

Breakbulk & Steel Cargo Handling Services by RHB Stevedoring & Warehousing Rotterdam
RHB handles all sorts of breakbulk, such as goods on pallets, big bags, bundles, pre-sling cargoes, cases…
We also handle Non Ferrous Metals & Ferro Alloys

Warehousing – Open Storage

Warehousing of Heavy Lift Cargo, Project Cargo & Breakbulk Cargo by RHB Stevedoring & Warehousing Rotterdam

About RHB

Welcome to RHB Stevedoring & Warehousing. The unique, private & independent deep sea breakbulk terminal in the Port of Rotterdam, specialised in the handling and storage of:
  • Project Cargo
  • Heavy Lift
  • General Cargo, Breakbulk incl. IMO 1-9 ( incl. IMO 7)
  • Windmill blades, Towers & Nacelles
  • Non Ferrous Metals and Steel Cargoes
  • Assisting Offshore Vessels, Lay by berths

RHB works for
Project & General Cargo – Breakbulk Forwarders, Heavy Lift Operators, Industrial Companies, Offshore Companies, Ship Owners, Importers, Exporters and their agents. All use our private, independent, terminal in the Port of Rotterdam for the transhipment and storage of cargo with single weights from 1 to 1.800 tons. Incl. Lashing & Securing, Unlashing, Welding, Unwelding by professional Partners.

Our advantages

  • 208 tons high speed heavy lift harbour mobile crane
  • 8 high speed multi-purpose cranes up to 55 tons capacity + handling heavy lifts up to 1.800 tons capacity
  • 100% pure stevedoring – 100% independent!!
  • Savings in transhipment time of up to fifty percent
  • All berths in quiet, sweet water and calm harbour basin
  • 730 metres deep sea quay length with a max. draft of 10 metres
  • Railway connected
  • 12.000 m2 warehouse space, Heavy Lift Centre for Storage, L.M.E. quality and equipped with electronic alarm systems. Doors up to 10 metres width
  • 30.000 m2 project cargo and heavy lift -heavy duty- storage space, fenced.
  • Skilled, professional, experienced and very importantly: flexible labour
  • Lashing & Securing, Welding, Grinding by professional partners
  • Optimized truck exit for Windmill Blades and Windmill Towers
  • Weighbridge Waalhaven for weighing containers acc. to SOLAS/VGM, next to our terminal
  • AEO Certified – ISPS certified

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