Project Cargo

Project Cargo Handling Services by KZN Stevedores.

KZN STEVEDORES is specialised in the handling and storage of project cargo like: transformers, turbines, windmill equipment like towers, nacelles, blades, tunnel boring machines, locomotives, dismantled cranes and engines up to 208 tons piece weight.

Project Cargo
Project Cargo often contains, besides some heavies, a lot of boxes, cases with all kind of dimensions and sizes. This is particularly specialised work that our teams perform perfectly!

Saving in transshipment time – Lifting your cargoes faster !
We handle your project cargoes very quickly and precisely by using our 208 tons heavy lift crane in combination with our high speed multipurpose shore cranes and our own high speed handling system. Savings in transshipment time of up to fifty percent can be realised.

Flexible and Forwarders friendly.
Many of our clients work in freight forwarding. Besides offering flexibility, we are also preferred by these parties because we stay away from ‘logistics activities’ like chartering ships or booking freight. We are 100% independent – meaning that there are no conflicts of interest. This is one of the reasons why when you work with us, you can count on full transparency, and on the confidential handling of your freight details or cargo documents.

Your cargo our care!
Our teams are professional, skilled and flexible.

You name it, we handle it
Our 208 tons heavy lift mobile harbour crane is perfect for the quick and precise handling of the heavier types of cargoes such as: dismantled oil & gas installations, dismantled mobile harbour cranes, generators, diesel engines, yachts, tugboats, workboats, cable reels, mining shields, steel piles, buoys, anchors, excavators, shovels, autoclaves, marine loading arms, tensioners and many more with a unit weight of max. 208 tons.