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44 Churchill Road Durban


+27 31 303 2305


WASTENG (Pty) Ltd is an innovative and enterprising waste management company that offers integrated solutions for collection, recovery and disposal of waste.

WASTENG has 20 years extensive experience in the waste management industry, working in a joint venture with local municipalities, local communities and the private sector to promote a clean and healthy environment.

Our strength lies in our extensive experience and specialization services in waste management and recycling, management of street furniture coupled with our team of highly skilled professionals who continue to exceed the expectations of all customers.

WASTENG regards recycling as an opportunity to introduce cost effective alternatives to expensive landfill disposal and to promote an impressive environmentally responsible message for customers and employees.


To be recognised as a waste company that provides top quality work to our clients whilst being competitive and achieving high productivity levels. We commit ourselves to comply with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 standard, as defined within our Quality Management System. We will position ourselves to be a leader within our industry and maintain that professional reputation with pride.


To achieve international best practice standards in our business we commit the resources, time and necessary expertise to ensuring the delivery of that aim.


  • Passion – striving for excellence through completing tasks with enthusiasm, drive, initiative and enjoyment
  • Integrity – dealing in an open fair and ethical manner in all aspects of our lives
  • Respect – treating all human beings with dignity and respect
  • Commitment – taking responsibility for our work
  • Embracing differences – acknowledging the diverse contributions of all the people we interact with though listening and sharing knowledge to create a supportive environment
  • Teamwork – take action as one towards a shared purpose and common goal
  • Continuous Improvement- Focusing on improving the division’s efforts through coordination, participation, and education with various stakeholders and organizations